I have a question about pressure sensor

Hi everyone,

I have a compressor far away from my work place and I need to know its pressure in real time while I am working. sometimes I pull a lot of pressure that is over the speed of my compressor so I need to connect another compressor with it to continue working.

I thought about a sensor (Preferably Analog that give me a range of readings) and an Arduino.

in case the pressure will drop less than that I need for a period of time the Arduino will make the other compressor to work and in the same time will open the solenoid valve to connect to the main pressure tube.

All I need is just the analog pressure sensor. is there such a thing in the market?

thank you

As you are not needing a variable set point, why use analogue? It is either on or off requirement. In that case, why even use Arduino?

Once the pressure drops start the second compressor until the higher pressure is reached and turn off. Only need two fixed pressure sensors.


It seems that you should be using the compressors' existing pressure switches. Some allow you to adjust the pressure differential and that seems to be what you'd want here; you'd adjust the second compressor's differential to only turn on once the pressure between the two compressors got very low.