I have a question?

Can the arduino interface through the usb to the computer to another usb. For example to a webcam. Thanks in advance I am new to programing and stuff. ;D :-? ::slight_smile:

It would require a program for the PC that could talk to both the Arduino USB port (a logical serial port) and be able to talk to the USB web cam interface. There would be no way the Arduino could talk directly to the web cam without such a ‘interfacing program’.


So like a python program, can you give me an example.

No, sorry I have no knowlege of how a web cam iinterfaces with a PC program. Most any PC programming language can use a PC’s serial link however.


If you use Processing you can input data from a web cam and talk out of the serial port at the same time. See the examples that come with processing on how to do both of these. It is then a simple matter to concatenate them.

Thanks by the way mike I saw your monome thing on youtube cool. ;D

I have just put up the web page showing you how to make your own at:-

Man the arduino just gets better and better. Too bad its just on its way not here.

Too bad its just on its way not here.


I think that was “I ordered it but it hasn’t arrived yet. I can hardly wait!” It was missing a little punctuation and a word or two :slight_smile: Writing sketches will break him of that habit!

I interpreted it as a comment about the Arduino as a whole. As in, “The Arduino is great but still needs a lot of development to become a viable option”