I have an Idea that involves a broken cassette player.

Hey everyone! I am brand new to this stuff and I was looking for some guidance on a project idea I had. I want to take a broken cassette player apart and turn it into an mp3 player. I am a sucker for chunky buttons and nice clicks so I would love to use the buttons to control the player.
My original idea before being directed to Arduino would be taking apart a cheap mp3 player and splicing the buttons to the original terminals of the player. That way it would be a mostly hardware project. I am wondering if this project is viable to pursue or if anyone knows of any other projects that I could look at for guidance.
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The problem is most of the cassette buttons are mechanical ; you’ll need to get inside and configure some form of electrical switch for each button , then go from there

That's the tricky part! Would mounting smaller buttons at the end of the big buttons work? Like a momentary button?

Many Projects and products in your home work that way. For example, my doorbell has a large plastic button that People press to ring the bell. However, that button is purely mechanical and does nothing more than Transfer the pushing onto a mini Switch soldered onto a Printed circuit board deeper inside the module.

Ah, thanks for the tip! There is just something satisfying when you push a chunky button. In your opinions should I use for the brains of the project? I honestly don't think an Arduino can decode mp3s. Should I just go with my original idea of gutting a cheap mp3 and wiring it to the case or have you guys heard of an Arduino powered mp3 player? In my research, I have found a majority of web-based music players.

My friend Matt had a similar idea a few years back. He used a Pi to get an old cassette deck to play his Spotify playlists. He also repurposed the buttons, but it's not clear how he did it. He is not a member here, but I can contact him if you need. He is a busy man these days.

These "DFPlayer Mini" MP3 player modules are cheap, easy to use with Arduino and can drive a small mono speaker directly:

$_1 (4).JPG

You might not even need an Arduino when using these players. You can wire you buttons for play, pause, next track etc directly to the player.

$_1 (4).JPG

Thanks, Paul. That is a really promising looking article. I think I will give it a look over. The only aspect I wish I could change is the usage of an online music service. From the sounds of it, this project has some legs. I am happy to hear that you everyone thinks that I can create this. The DFPlayer Mini sounds promising.

Here is the cassette player I am planning to use.

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