I have an Xbee to USB-Serial setup question.

I am trying to hook up an Xbee with adafruit breakout board. I have tried with a sparkfun serial-usb board, and the un-chipped arduino method from the website tutorial. I am having the same problem with both setups.

The power light stays on, and the other light stays off.

When I type '+++' I get an OK back, but when I type AT or any other commands I get no response. When I type '+++' I keep getting OKs, but nothing else.

Anyone have any suggestions?

What kind of xbee is it? Series 1 or 2/2.5? Where are you typing +++?

Xbee Pro series 2. I’ve tried the arduino serial monitor and zterm for typing with the same results.

I’m following this USB tutorial:

The unchipped arduino hookup I tried is at the bottom of this:

I’m wondering if I’m missing one of the flow control bits, or have them hooked up wrong.

I’m mixed up because i’m getting an initial handshake, but nothing more.

I found the PC interface for setting the xbee up a bit hard to use. You may not see some responses because it's all coming out on the same line and the xbee doesn't echo.

If you get OK from +++ it's going into command mode ok. It may be responding and you can't see it.

Have you tried X-CTU?

Yeah, I've tried to run through x-ctu. My issue with that is that I'm running windows in Parallels on my mac. X-ctu does not register me having a COM for the serial connection as its running virtual, but the Mac does.

I've had my arduino for a while, and had it set to automatically open on the Mac side, not in the virtual windows machine because it was easier to keep it in my normal OS. My virtual windows can't see the COM port, but the Mac can, so xctu is not connecting in windows.

I am going to try it on a real windows machine over the weekend and see if that makes any difference.

I think I got it all figured out. I got access to the windows PC and apparently my Mac was the problem. After I installed Xctu on the PC and hooked up the usb.serial board, everything in the tutorial worked after that.

I have now completed the setup and seem to be back on track.

Thanks for the help.