I have been studying the compressed sensing.

I tried to combine the compressed sensing the Arduino.

There continues to study and want to get the associated library or a good idea.

Because there are many good people there, many think will be helpful.

compressed sensing??

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From your post I assume English is not your native language as your post makes little sense to me.
Maybe it is good to write a longer description in your own language and use Google Translate to post
(You can post both languages)

I think the original poster is asking for libraries of compressed sensing (CS) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compressed_sensing for the Arduino.

CS allows to recover signals with much less data density as the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem requires (that is, sampling rates much lower than the double of the highest frequency in the signal).

It is a very interesting question. I would also want o know if there is any sources for CS in the Arduino.

Indeed interestig, however cannot recall seeing this discussed on the forum

@KIMJJ, I dont know of any library, or even any examples of CS for the arduino. Maybe you can be the first to create an example, or even a library.