I have just gone down 475 posts!

Four days ago, on 1st November 2014, I got this screenshot:

Today on the 5th November 2014, I got this:

475 posts less!

I don't care about the post count particularly, but what worries me is the underlying database problems. Where did those 475 posts go?

Hi Nick,

Without notice and out of working hours a developer ran a script on the production database. I am going to discuss with him the reasons behind that (right now I cannot see good reasons).

At this point we have to change the rights a developer has on our production codebase.

It will never happen again.

Without notice and out of working hours a developer ran a script on the production database.


Anything else broken?

Nick: Look on the bright side of things, your percentage has gone up. Karma/Posts. Was 556/20659 or 2.7%. Now 556/20184 or 2.75% Who says that the new forum isn't better. " in the new and improved Forum" :wink:

I'm still seeing problems with the user database. My karma on my posts doesn't agree with the karma in my profile. I show 163 now, and my profile still shows 159, the same as when the forum software was upgraded. It appears the new forum software is not using the same database tables as the old forum.

Hi Nick, I ran the query yesterday night to try to solve the issue as quickly as possible, since many Forum users complained about inconsistencies in the post count.

I tested, studied and refined the query to obtain the exact count of your posts. I am using your user profile, Nick, to detail out exactly what I did.

The query results are: member NICK, until Oct 20 2014, 08:59:24 GMT, wrote 19769 posts (source: member table) member NICK, from Mon, Oct 20 2014, 08:59:24 GMT (last post), wrote 416 posts (Woa, thank you Nick you are a great moderator and the post count shows it :)

The query rules are: Count all messages for member NICK, written after 20 Oct 2014 08:59:24 GMT, the message shows up in the counting tables, the message is posted in a valid board.

Total number of posts: 19769+416 = 20185.

From my end this issue has been solved, we will never touch the post counters again.

Moving forward we will make it clearer whenever we are going to make changes and improvements to user profiles data, announcing it on the Forum itself. Hopefully this will solve these misalignments in the communication we are experiencing these days. We are doing our best to accomodate and fix all the bugs in the shortest timeframe possible, thank you again for your contribution and patience!

Looks like my post count just went back up, dunno if it's right but it's a lot closer to what I remember it was pre upgrade.


Hi everyone,

I can confirm the algorithm provided by mrdanny is correct and he worked hard on a good solution. We also discussed internally how to roll out new fixes without impacting users. We will write a dedicated forum post in case the changes are involving users data or changing their settings. Everything related to the UI only (fixes) will be changed as soon as possible since they are not changing data (i.e. mobile support or css changes will be applied as soon as they are available and tested)

Some notes about karma points. They are counted correctly in the forum. The profile page does not work correctly due to a bug in the SSO system. That will be fixed next week after notice.

Thank you again for reporting bugs.