I have missed a good part placement drawing

One thing I have missed is a good drawing of where all parts are on the board and especially where and what are connector pins.
Connectors and pins are marked on the board but boards are full of other things so markings are hard to see. A good and thorough document what is there on the board. I mean drawing, not a list. This is probably on the Eagle files but I will not install another cad just for that. The drawing should probably be in pdf-format.

Otherwise I think everything works. When I started last year there were many places on the web site where there was writing instructions for documents, but not the document itself. I haven’t seen those for a long time. Good.


and this may help you too if you haven’t seen it:



Hi and thanks.

First link is very good, and very near of what I want. Now something similar for every Arduino board. And a good place for them is same place where schematic and other documents are.

I have to search for an example of what I wish. It is much simpler and comes almost directly from cad.

I have to check the last link you gave.