I have screwed up my yun

I was reflashing my YUN and probably something went wrong.

Now when I power it, the USB LED remains always on but I cannot reach the board neither on http://arduino.local nor on

No ssh connection.

I have tried to reset it pushing the RST button for (more) than 30 seconds, but nothing happens.

I am able to upload the YunSerialTerminal but the console is completely clear.

Please, help me I need that board!!

Thank you in advance.

Push the yun reset button (by the leds) with the serial terminal sketch loaded and the serial monitor open. What do you see?

Can you post a picture of LEDs when you power up the board?

Sorry for the delay answering back. I haven’t received any notification for the available answers.

The console doesn’t show up anything.

I have attached the picture.

Thank you to you all.

I can’t understand from the photo, is the USB LED very dim?

Yes, It is.

Please write to support (at) arduino.cc and describing this problem.

Hi Angelo9999,

I have posted a message to the support but I have not received an answer so far.

I would hear the official voice on the way to recover the board or if I have to throw it away.

Since, it is not cheap at all, I would be sure to have done everything possible to recover it.

Any suggestion?