i have this ode i want to save my password on epprom .please help

please help , I am trying to compare the two password's on case '0'

Read the rules, post correctly.

sorry about that I have a new code now , I managed to save data onto the epprom I just need to compare it ,please help

thank you

password_serial.ino (4.96 KB)

The EEPROM has a limited life of 100,000 write cycles so doing this:-

for(address = 0; address < 1024; address ++)        // fill the entire eeprom memory with white spaces

Is just going to destroy things. Why delete all the EEPROM when you only want to erase a few bytes? In fact in case 0 you don’t want to erase any bytes do you?

Second why write the incoming data into EEPROM anyway? Just hold it in a variable. The data comes in one byte at a time so feed that into the four bytes of an long or 8 bytes of a long long variable.

Once you have done that, extract the password from your EEPROM and do a simple == compare with an if statement.

Finally that was not the way the rules told you to post such short code was it?