I have version 1.7.8!

I am a little lost.... I was developing with a UNO. Upgraded to a M0 Pro. I read that I need to upgrade to 1.7.8. Did that. Having problems I don't understand. Is there a M0 Pro tutorial using the Arduino IDE? I have the micro usb cable plugged into the programming port (closest to the power plug). I set the board to M0 Pro, set to the correct com port. CLick on upload. it builds fine, but it doesnt seem to upload. I guess I need a step by step tutorial :(


Well, the M0 and the Arduino IDE version you are talking about are from the arduino.org website. I suggest you ask on that website’s forum. I’m not chasing you away, it’s just that the 2 companies are different and they are more likely to be able to help with boards and software downloaded from there.

When you are using the Arduino IDE and boards from arduino.cc website, this forum is the right place.

Edit – add link to topic that may clarify: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=358657.0

thanks! I did not know about the dust up. If I got a Arduino Zero from CC, then I could use the standard IDE, right?

Yes, I believe so.