i just got an arduino kit and i dont know how to make servos move

hi . i got a arduino uno kit from elegoo for christmas and havent really touched it but i want to start using it. i have never programmed before and i was wondering if somone could tell me how i could get a 2 servos to move on a joystick modules inputs. can somone help me do this and teach me how?

Try the example programs Sweep and Knob in the IDE for making servos move. You can probably use one of your joystick movements in place of the potentiometer in the Knob program or perhaps your kit contains a pot.

When you've got those working you'll very likely be able to see how you could modify the Knob program to have 2 pots (which is basically what a joystick is) and drive 2 servos with them. If you have trouble getting it working come back and ask again.


Google "using an Arduino to move servos with a joystick". You'll get a lot further on this Forum if you show evidence that you tried answering the question yourself first.