I made a board how do I get it on the blog?

I made a board how do I get it on the blog?

I have eagle cad schematics and pcb for the microcontroler board that is a arduino board hack. How do I show a picture of it on the blog and a little article? 8-) :'(

There may be other ways, but . . . In Eagle you can do File | Export | Image for both the board and schematic. Then post them on Flicker, or whatever, and link to them in your post.

I know I can export pictures from eagle cad I just didn't know if I had to submit my files to someone or how to register for a account to post I could even render my board populated and show my hand holding the prototipe board I got from sparkfun. I just thought arduino blog would be the place to put it for others to find it.

I see. I din't catch the blog part. ;) If by this, you mean the playground than you don't need Flicker. Just create an account on Playground (easy) and look for instructions on how to load an image from the links on the lower left. It will suck them puppies right off your computer.

Humm interesting that tells me I can post my idea to the playground ... what about the arduino blog?

I'm pretty sure the blog is the private domain of the Arduino admins. Do you let strangers post in your blog? :)