I may have damaged my RC522 RFID module, thoughts?

I attached picture of my RC522 RFID shield. When I soldered I put the tip of the soldering gun on the board and burned it (You can see it near the second pin) and I haven't tried any example code (just to verify the shield/module/etc... works)

This is the library I am using.

in the example codes, there is
#define RST_PIN 9
#define SS_PIN 10

SS pin is right, I have SS on pin 10, but I don't have reset pin on 9, and I am not sure what to define there for reset, I have tried RST, and RESET, but no luck.

I receive communications error from example code I have tried from the above link, and I believe its because the burn mark on my rfid shield I made or I didn't define the pins..

The way that looks I don't think you hurt the board. As far as setting pins that's based on what pin you use.

From there site in the doc shows how to hook it up.

And the board pinout

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nicola Coppola

  • Typical pin layout used:

  • MFRC522 Arduino Arduino Arduino Arduino Arduino
  • Reader/PCD Uno Mega Nano v3 Leonardo/Micro Pro Micro
  • Signal Pin Pin Pin Pin Pin Pin

  • RST/Reset RST 9
  • SPI SS SDA(SS) 10
  • SPI SCK SCK 13

You hook pins up as listed and the sample code should work and the drawing of the circuit is for these settings

GUYS, thanks for the response, I realized my ghetto rig connectors for ICSP were the culprit. I have to run to microcenter tomorrow to get actual connectors. Sorry for the spam thread.