I Need A Basic Sound

Hi guys, i have a request..

I need a welcome sound or correct sound. I'll use it on my VobiLock project. If the fingerprint is correct the sound will be out. I tried so many times but couldn't make the right tones.

I searched online.. I couldn't find it. I can find only melodies like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter etc.

Can you help me?


Not until you give some detail of what the welcome or correct sound is supposed to be. Oh and what Arduino you are using to produce it.


I founded by myself. Just go to another topic and screw there!
Only thing you are doing now is delaying my work. Reason: I dont know what ta hell is correct sound and it's basic. So it should be from Mozart..

Good luck. With that attitude you're going to need it because you're not likely to get many people trying to help you.


Thanks! I just finished the project… Maybe you can check it out!

I don’t really understand these forum repliers :slight_smile:

Have Nice Day!

I don't really understand these forum repliers

We didn't understand your question, so communication was nonexistent, both ways.