I need a builder

Hi, I am new with Adriano and I need to do what I think is a more complicated task. I have built a custom pc case with 14 rgb fans that I want to have individual led control of. I know this is possible but no idea how. I am willing to pay someone to build this for me if anyone would be willing. Mail.jr.cooper@gmail.com would be the easiest way to reach me, altho I will check here. If no one will build it for me, could a get a huge hand in figuing out what I would need to get? I admit this is beyond me right now.
This is a link to a video of the case. There are 10 corsair 120hd fans and 4 corsair 140hd fans.

The subject asks for a builder, but it seems you built the thing already, and what you really need is a programmer. Is that right?