I need a component which move (slide) on a metal rod

I tend to use HDPE for stuff like this because I bought a 50lb box of remnants 10 years ago and I still have tons left :slight_smile:

I'm surprised by the use of ABS. ABS is not so stable it can provide the precision required of a printer.

Delrin, Acetal, POM is easily molded, has some natural lubricity prosperities and is reasonably stable. It is harder than ABS and is not effected by hydrocarbons (grease).

The description sounds exactly like the solution ı need but ı dont know what those components are.

I cant because a lineer gear wont let the component attached to it move freely.

Im sorry grumpy Mike xD ı supply the motion with an Arduino controlled servo. I just need a Raul system to make a component move stable and smoothly.

Wouldnt spiral groove block the movement?

What is HDPE and where can ı find it?

Where can ı find those? Are they easy to shape? Do ı need chemicals? Thank you.

Completely the opposite, the rod with the spiral groove is attached to a small motor and is used to move the carriage.

He has said that a servo will provide the movement.

Many places, robot shops etc
Amazon offering.

the component attached to the rail system should move linearly. As I said its some kind of a door. The moving part on the spiral would move linearly and turn around itself so that doesnt fit as an option.

I had made the comment as an explanation of how the part you had pictured originally operated, it was not intended as a method of operating your mechanism.

Custom parts such as this are often 3D printed, or manually constructed from a suitable material.

I couldnt find any technique to shape the POM. Any advices?

POM is easy to machine. A simple drill for holes and a hack or coping saw for straight cuts. You can even shave of edges with a knife.

Can ı just shape it by heating it?

I guess I don't know to what extent you want to shape it. If you want to bend some then likely but not easy. But you won't be able to mold it like clay.

Perhaps this will help: " In 1960, DuPont completed construction of a plant to produce its own version of acetal resin, named Delrin,".
Lots of DELRIN around.

It is also called Acetal. POM is the chemical moniker of this compound.
Any recycle stamping will have POM.

Linear rail (aka precision round-rod) and linear bearings is available in many sizes, and there are cheaper versions with lower tolerances, for instance LM6UU works with 6mm rod and cheap versions are around.