I need a quick answer about 3.5" LCD with Arduino mega 2560

To the point we go-

1)Can I use TFT LCD Mega Shield with 3.5" Touch Screen LCD?

2)Can I use the pins behind the Arduino Mega 2560 board(soldering the wire)?

3)What can I do if I need to use the same pin on the Arduino mega board for two wires?

Looking forward to your answers.I have search for the answer from the Google but can't find any satisfying answer.Thanks in advance.

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  • which shield exactly ?
  • Yes you can solder to the pins on the reverse side of the board
  • see previous answer or use a breadboard
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I'm sorry that my question is not at the correct forum and thank you for answering the questions.Thanks to you I know what to do know.Kinda hesitate when I have to choose which forum to apply for my question.Anyway thank you very much.I truly appreciate it

Reading your experience into the questions, I’d strongly recommend you look at @CrossRoads screw terminal shields.

He has a few useful modules, but that’ll get you started.

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Thank you.That's a great help😁

This one specifically

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