I need a reliable NANO driver

I have a problem with the USB port for my NANO board. My host OS is windows 7 prof 32 bit format. I have tried downloading a suitable driver but when I installed this my machine crashed into a blue screen state.

Is it possible to obtain a reliable NANO driver from Arduino?

My computer works well with the UNO board.

Regards Richard Hunt

There are a ton of different Nano’s out there with different USB-serial chips. Which you does yours have? (CH340, PL2303 etc)

And who uses a 32-bit OS is this day and age (and limit yourself to less then 4GB of RAM…)???

Septillion: The USB chip is labelled CH240G The ATMEL processor ship 328P I cannot find the fricking code tag perhaps you could advise. Could you recommend a suitable driver that I might download

I think you made a typo, CH340G is a common USB-serial chip. When Googling for CH240G I get nothing.

Although I have serveral different Serial adapters, the CH340G is still not one of them... But after some Googling I found this page. Or the page from the manufacturer (translate)

Septillion: Yes, I've checked again and it is CH340G. It seems my cheap Chinese version of NANO prefers that chip. Many thanks for the web page reference.

After the FTDI-gate it became a widely used chip an I only read good experiences about them.