I need a sensor to line up two objects outdoors around 30ft

I want to create a way to line up my bag boards (corn hole for some folks). Throughout a game the boards become out of line and I wanted to mess around with an Arduino and some sensors to try to make it as lined up as possible. Is there some laser sensor that would work well enough in the sunlight or do I need to look into other types of sensors?

Bro @berbaroovez
Why not an ultrasonic sensor , check it it out.

Two points are always in lineā€¦

Because at that distance the beam width would be ridiculous wide.

On the other hand lasers might be too tricky to use being too narrow.

By the way I have no idea what this game is having never heard of either names.

Just peg the boards down, you are over-thinking this problem.

Piece of string you hook down tight at both ends

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