I Need A Touchscreen LCD

I need a touchscreen LCD monitor for an upcoming project. I would like it about 15", closer to square than widescreen. It needs DVI input at 720P, and USB output.

I don’t really need DVI… I just need it to look… Not pixelated and all that.

Umm, so what are you asking? :stuck_out_tongue:


You could try an iPad, you can talk to it with the dock connector.

Look around there used to be 1 inch annalog tvs but they are probally off loading them now that there is no analog i used to have one but I now have it displaying my email meassges it took me a year to self program it.

720/1080p/i is TV notation, it doesn’t really work with monitors.

I doubt you’ll get a monitor that won’t do more than 1024x768 (even 15" ones) and I suspect the native resolution of most monitors will be at least that.

I’d suggest something but this place is about all I can get to at the moment (work firewall is being a little overenthusiastic, I can’t even access wikipeda).