I need an actual electronics genius to answer this question...

Shane Jason Shuford

I found this in a printer, is there any way to interact with it using an arduino?

High Definition images: http://shufordtech.com/arduino/20161209_230603.jpg http://shufordtech.com/arduino/20161209_230611.jpg http://shufordtech.com/arduino/20161209_230623.jpg http://shufordtech.com/arduino/20161209_230659.jpg

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There are many ways one could interact with "it" using an Arduino.

What did you have in mind?

Do you even know what it is? Just from the sticker with "MAC" written on it and the thing that looks like an antenna connector, it looks like it might be the WiFi interface board out of the printer.

It would be significantly easier and cheaper to buy an Arduino WiFi shield, which comes with a library.

I need an actual electronics genius to answer this question...

He (or she) would need to be a psychic electronics genius as you have have not even told us what the thing you found is intended to do.

There are lots of other interesting parts inside printers. Would you like to see some photos of my parts?


Looks easy enough ;) http://www.marvell.com/wireless/assets/marvell_avastar_88W8782.pdf I couldn't find the full datasheet, until we have that there isn't a lot of hope. For the time and effort, I'd sell it on ebay and buy a wifi shield :D