I need an advice at my project

Hey,i want to make a straight line at a 5 bar linkage robot arm but something is wrong with my code


#include <Servo.h>
struct xyzPos{ //a struct to hold multple returned arguments for the 3D position
float x;
float y;
float z;

void setup()
struct xyzPos currentPos; //current location of tip of arm
struct xyzPos desiredPos; //desired location of tip of arm


void loop()

xyzPos kinematics();
struct xyzPos kinematics(float thita1, float thita2)
Serial.println(“in kinematics”);
struct xyzPos POS;
float L1=5;
float L2=6;
float L3=5;
float L4=6;
float L5=4;

thita1 = (30 * PI /180);
thita2 = (30 * PI /180);


return POS;


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