I need an advice for a motor Driver


I'm a newbie. And I'm using Arduino UNO

I need an advice about a driver which can be compatible with Arduino:

The motor is brushed, without sensors and rated for 500W at 24V continuous. At that load the current draw will be 26A. The motor may draw higher currents for short periods. So the controller should be rated for about 50A.

So 2x50A

I'll have two motors (one R and one L) so i need a two channel driver. and I need to go fw and reverse for both motors (even separately) and to use EMB brakes.

I'm also thinking about using two 50A single channel driver and synch them with Arduino, but honestly Idon't feel so safe and I prefer a dual channel. But feel free to post me links for both signle and dual channel driver.

Does anyone has experience in synch two singlre channel driver with Arduino

If there's something Arduino compatible > than 50A, post it too....

I need something reailable.

Any advice will be welcome.

What is the stall current - the driver should be able to handle this as a peak rating if the supply can
deliver it. For this size of motor stall currents are usually 10x rated currents.

Brushed motors never have sensors because they don't need electronic commutation, they
have a mechanical commutator.

A good driver for this size of motor would be one that has a presettable current limit, precisely
because the stall currents are so large (and risk burning things up. 50A as a max continuous
driver rating is about right, but its the peak currents that pop MOSFETs, not the rated currents.

What supply will you be using?

A wheelchair controller is about what you need, I know also that Roboteq do some suitable

You may be able to get an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) designed for model airplanes. They can be controlled with the Arduino Servo library.


Dear MarkT and Robin2,

I have already looked at wheelchair controllers, but P&G and DC uses their own proprietary canbus, and I don't want to became crazy in doing reverse engineering to control the motors with Arduino.

ESC looks a good option accordingly to wikipedia (you know, Arduino is new for me). Found also brushed ESC

Any other idea or suggestions?

I've also found this one on Ebay, but looking at other topics, it seems to work badly with Arduino.

Thanks and greetings from Italy


The sort of thing I was thinking of is this

(Obviously airplane ESCs don't do reverse - sorry)


The sort of thing I was thinking of is this

(Obviously airplane ESCs don't do reverse - sorry)

That's an interesting ESC. I wasn't aware HobbyKing sold brushed ESCs capable of so much current.

A DPDT relay of the appropriate specs could be used to reverse the motor. The relay would be placed between the ESC and the motor. Of course you'd want to make sure the motor came to a stop before reversing the polarity.

I know Mark didn't like my relay idea for reversing brushless ESCs, I have a feeling the brushed version isn't going to meet with his approval either.

Beware marketing amps. Real continuous current rating might be less.

Brushed ESCs are happy with relays on the output I think - the point about a brushless ESC
is if only 2 phases are connected it loses its back-EMF feedback signal and may put full output across the motor
(normally that is avoided because the ESC tailors the drive to the speed error). As ESCs and RC motors
typically have resistances measured in milliohms this often leads to rapid destruction.