I need an ESP32 development board with a ton of I/O

Got any ideas? I was originally going to use an ESP8266 interfaced with an Arduino Mega but that's a bit above my level.

I need an ESP32 board with more than 15 I/O pins. Can anyone help me?

Virtually any ESP32 board except the ESP32-CAM has more I/O than that. Check your favorite online retailers.

Okay. Can I interface the camera part of an ESP32-CAM with a normal ESP32? I'm wondering if I can use one MCU instead of two for a remote control rover with a camera and robotic arm.

Can you?
Probably not, it's an advanced bit of kit done in RTOS.
More to the point, Why would you when it it already done for you?

Interfacing an ESP32-CAM and a Mega or an Uno is not too tough. Research serial connections between Arduinos. You'll be surprised how fast you can share data between the two of them.

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Okay. Would I be able to use the ESP32-CAM to connect the Arduino to the internet as well as stream video?

What kind of project are you doing?

I'm working on a concept for a 4WD rover I can control from anywhere I have WiFi. I want it to have a robotic arm and a linear actuator as well as live camera feed.

Like this? Any suggestions for my RC car project?

Yes but less...

If you just need basic i/o you could use an MCP23017 io expander chip on pins 12 and 13 to give you 16 general purpose gpio pins

I have a demo sketch which you might like to have an experiment with: GitHub - alanesq/esp32cam-demo: esp32cam module demo / shows how you can easily use the esp32cam including reading raw rgb data, streaming, displaying the image etc.(ArduinoIDE or PlatformIO)
You will need to change line "#define useMCP23017 0" to "#define useMCP23017 1"

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