I need BLE waterproof

Hi, I am looking for a BLE (ibeacon) waterproof and underwater until 1-2 meters.

I want to make a project to count lap swimming (here http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?PHPSESSID=nk70i3mfp6hv7gsbeg1juec4j6&topic=265514.0) so I need somenthing to control proximity en every lap.

Any idea of what device I could buy to make this?


Interesting, Can you tell in more detail how your project should work?

(Sorry no answer)

well mi idea is very simple.

I want to get a BLE device to use it to control the laps. You hava to take it into the swimsuit, swimming goggles o under swim cap.

Then with a mobile, arduino or rbpi you have to put it in one side of the swimming pool, and manage every time you can get the proximity of the BLE device. This is my first version that I want to make.

I don't think BLE travels more than 1-2" underwater. Or have you researched this part already? I can't find the reference now, but I could swear I read it was very limited distance underwater.

But if the device were in the exposed part of the swimcap (which a lot of triathletes make work with their GPS watches), it wouldn't need to be under water, just waterproof. Is that what you're after?


Yes, I think that is not need to be *under*water only it would be waterproof