I need coding LED addressable strip help

Hi, I want to control addressable RGB LED strip… And I want to control it via bluetooth, but LED effect needs to change imediatly without waiting for effect to end. I have it working with a button using


function… When I make it with bluetooth I can’t get


to work with serial. Who can help me pls.
My code: CODE - Pastebin.com

The best way is to re-write all of your display patterns so they don't contain any delays or timing loops. The loop() function can then check for input and call a function for the currently selected pattern. The pattern function does a little part of the pattern and returns. When it is called again a few microseconds later, it does the next part of the pattern.

A cheap and dirty way is to change any long delays in your patterns (more than 100 milliseconds?) into a loop of short delays. Inside each loop, put "if (Bluetooth.available()) return;". That will abort the pattern when the first character arrives from Bluetooth.