i need disolved oxygen sensor interface circuit

I search for an interface circuit for disolved oxygen sensor for communication with arduino board

can any one help me :blush:

What sensor are you intending to use?. If you don't mention what sensor is it, we can't help you. At least provide a link to where we can find information about it.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

this site has some nice sensors with sample code at the bottom.

Thanks robtillaart for your effort

but i need the interface circuit :frowning:
as a diagram so i can make it my self not for buying it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. I can't find a datasheet in the link provided or elsewhere for that particular sensor. In order to design an interface circuit its imperative to know what it gives at the output, bias supply, freq response, transfer function with respect to the O2 concentration, output impedance, etc. If you find the datasheet or any of that info please post here. I have no idea what are those parameters for that sensor neither if it is digital or analog. Request the datasheet from the supplier, they maybe able to provide it.

This is the data sheet for my sensor

???DO sensor direction.pdf (66.2 KB)

Sorry, but imho that is an faint echo of a datasheet. It has too little information to give any proper advice to get it working.

It is not related with your sensor.

But these links talks about Dissolved Oxygen sensor:



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