I Need Guidance

I am trying to make a game engine out of my brand new TFT screen I ordered from Arduino. I would like to make a game engine that can load game applications from an SD card shield and display the list on-screen. They would be able to, then, select the game and start playing away. They may also add I2C modules to it. I was wondering how I would code that and if I should do it with Arduino Esplora, Mega, or Micro. Then, what shields would need to be used. The shields I have available are: SD Card Shield, Ethernet Shield, TFT screen, GPRS Shield, and Proto Shield. Thanks!

How much Arduino programming experience do you have?

Do you know that an Arduino can only run one program ?


I have a moderate amount of experience. I made a valentine box out of an Arduino Uno, PIR Sensor, and a Liquid Crystal Display with no tutorial. I do know that Arduino can only run one program. What I am wondering here is if it can decode a file from an SD Card as a program (like HEX files) and run it with the program on the Arduino decoding the programming of the game.

Arduino won’t do that. It only runs programs from its own flash memory.

If you’re really industrious, you could maybe write a BASIC interpreter that fits on an Arduino. Atari had BASIC interpreters that were 8kb back in the day. Then the games could be written in BASIC and could be read and Run from Arduino.

Okay. Thanks!

If you could include the code for different games as different functions within a single program you could switch between them using some user input - for example a push-button. For example

void loop() {
   if (gameChoice == 0) {
   else if (gameChoice = 1) {

void gameZero() {
    // game code

etc etc


An even simpler option would be to use bitlash

That is a ready built language that you can run from an SD card.

Okay. I will try Bitlash. Thanks!