i need help about coding !!! about save string in serial monitor

i want save number from serial monitor , and move it to variable , how can i save number of +clip ?I have attached the code below

A picture of the code is about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Please read this before posting a programming question and post the code here.

Use Serial.read() to read the data from the serial monitor. Please at least attempt to read and understand the documentation for Serial.read() before coming immediately back here and asking "How does that work?"

Oh hang on - this number isn't coming from the serial monitor at all: it's coming from a modem. Is the modem on the serial pins? Must be - that's why it's appearing on the monitor. I doubt the OP has set up a SoftwareSerial - he wouldn't be asking this type of question if he had. So Serial.read() will probably work.

As to "how can i save number of +clip", you have to what they call "parse" the data. You look for the sequence of characters "+CLIP:" and then you deal with what comes after it. You can do this either by dealing with the characters one-by-one, or by putting the characters into a buffer and then using the string functions to deal with it.

The documentation for Serial is here: Serial - Arduino Reference

The documentation for string functions is here: avr-libc: <string.h>: Strings

This thread has all the "how to"