I need help about google navigation app and arduino

I am considering to build smart walking system for blind people, and I wish to support the system with a navigational app.

Where the app will allow the blind person to press a button connected to the arduino which in its part will activate voice recognition for the user to enter his destination, then the navigation part of the app will start guiding the blind person.

So the app is basically google map that is activated using a button for the user to enter his destination

Is it possible to achieve that with arduino or not?
If it possible what are the best app engines to use?

Any help, please!

Voice recognition is very CPU intensive - services like Alexa run it on large cloud systems. No Arduino has anything like the capacity to do it. The need to understand different accents and voice cadences make this a truly difficult problem to solve.

This sounds like something that would be better run on a smart phone in conjunction with a cloud service.

I'm trying to understand what part of your requirement is not already satisfied by an iPhone.

For what it's worth, I've long been active as a guide to the visually impaired and they virtually all use iPhones over Android, though "Ok Google" should also do what you describe.