I need help developing a device involving EEG and Arduino

Using a EEG headset with arduino, is there a way to turn simple decision brain waves such as "yes" and "no" into visuals such that a green light turns on for "yes" and a red light for "no"?

I was thinking when a person asks the patient a question, the patient focuses on the light the patient wants to turn on to let the light turn on. For example if the person asks the patient "Do you like pie?" and the patient wants to say "yes" but he can't, the patient focuses on the green light and the EEG headset reads the waves then transmits that to the device to turn on the light. The same process for the "no" option.

Like in these videos :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQfFDlTo17A and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw9NfkdCtT4

Also, I've narrowed down the EEG headset to the Emotiv Epoc and the Neurosky headset. Which would you recommend?

I want to create this device to help people who are aware of there surroundings but are unable to speak, so with this brain computer interface (BCI) it can help them with their communication

Also, the patient doesn't exactly have to think "yes". The patient wants to say "yes" but he can imagine the green light turning on which would probably work better than just thinking "yes".

Sorry if you misunderstood, but the headset does not detect brainwave but detect the focus and activity of the brain as in the Youtube videos I have attatched.

And if you watch the second video, I could use the blink technology to detect if the user blinks and the blinking can control an app. For example if the user blinks the cursor goes down a text box and if you close your eyes for 3 seconds the app selects that text box to say what ever is in the text box.

I am sorry if this is confusing but I really want to make this device. So thanks in advanced