I need help for a small project

I’m new to all things Arduino.

I want to be able to control some midi functions in Apple Logic Pro. I’m not looking for anything spectacular here, just something simple that basically works.

So here is what I have:

A breadboard with an installed Arduino
2 potentiometers
2 midi inputs
2 button switches
2 LED’s and 3 other things (?)
Jump leads

So with everything I have, and of course the Arduino program itself installed on my computer, how can I basically design something that will control one or a couple of midi functions in Apple Logic Pro?

Any help is appreciated







Start by learning how to program the Arduino at all. Start with simple things like blink and go step by step from there. Jumping right into a midi project doesn't count as starting simple ;)


I have already got the LED bulbs to flash, and have also had the potentiometers controling the monitor part in Arduino.

I wonder if anyone happens to have a basic sketch file of what I'm looking for? I just want to be able to control one or two midi functions in Logic.

If anyone can help me out with a sketch file of what I'm looking for I would really appreciate it.

Have you used Google?

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