i need help please/ arduino send alarm to android

i think about project ,, by use arduino
I want to use the Arduino in the bell house :cold_sweat:
the project idea is :
When any one is rang the bell ... Arduino sends a message or an alert to my Android device via the Internet
I do not want to use Bluetooth i want to use Wi-Fi wireless signal or wired cable because send the message via the Internet
And I will design a special Android application also can run IP camera and I can open the door by botton in application >> :roll_eyes:

Can one help me in Ardino? What type of Ardino which should I buy? What else should I need to buy??
And what is the code required to send an alert or message to Mobile??

Thank you all and I hope help :open_mouth:

Start buying an Arduino UNO and an ethernet shield
Then work through the example code in the tutorial section to learn how it works.
You will find many snippets of code there that are useful for your project

any one tell me please
how can i connect the arduino to router and send alarm to android whin any one press the button of the bell ??

i dont wont use site or blotuth or IR .. i wont the alarm go directly to androin from router

i bay yesterday UNO R3 Board + Ethernet Shield W5100 from china from ebay .. and i get it after one week

i wont collect alarg informatin untel i get it..

if any one have idea or books please give me

thank you

The project you want to do is not trivial and therefore in my opinion no beginners project.
So: Work yourself through the examples to learn how the Arduino works.

Then come back with your code how you tried to solve it, tell us what not works and you will get guidance

can you give me a books or anny thing about arduino and ethernet shild
and thank you for replay

For future questions, I strongly recommend writing a subject line that succinctly states your question. Imagine everyone just wrote “Help me” or “Need help with my project”.

Probably like many people, I only click on topics that either I think I may be able to help with, or that I am interested in the outcome. If I can no longer tell what the topics are, I would not start clicking on everything, I’d just stop reading any topics.