I need help programing

hey every one i need help im trying to program a square fsr to when something is on it a timer will start if the object is not moving for so long a timer starts then when the timer goes off the person is notified via through a blue tooth sensor.
so in hindsight when the object is placed on the sensor a light will come on notifying that theres an object on the fsr.
when the object is not in motion a timer will start. the timer will stop when the object goes back into motion. when the timer is up the user will be notified via through the bluetooth sensor.

Describe in simple words how the function should work and do it very simply.

Put some effort in writing properly! It will be easier for us to read. You do want us to read it, don’t you?

You want to detect if an object is placed on the fsr.
At that point, you want to start a timer.
If no further movement is detected from that object within a deadline period, a message has to be sent via Bluetooth.

Is that correct?
Break the problem into parts:

  1. Read fsr
  2. Send Bluetooth message
  3. Learn timer control.

yes thats it

so when an object is placed on the fsr a light will turn on notifying its active.
a timer wont start until the object is not moving.
when the timer stops a notification will appear from the bluetooth sensor stating that the object is still there

forward your schematic and sketch you have designed until now, for a good help.

i have not integrated the accelerometer into it yet i have to solder pins into the accerometer

What’s the purpose of the accelerometer?

its to track the object on the force sesor resistor

Welcome to the forum.
Can you tell us the application please?
What is the overall picture?
Can you post an image and link to your square FSR?

Thanks… Tom… :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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