I need help. specifically, I need a code.

I want to build the Insect Robot from Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets. A book by O'REILLY. I have all the parts but just need the code. I'm not quite as advance as I should be in coding but very much want to make the four-legged walking robot. If someone could send a link to full construction including the tying of the code and possibly assembly of the parts, it would greatly appreciated. :)

Look in the book!


Yes, it’s right there in Chapter 4. Open it up and have a look.

The code starts at the lower part of page 73, in chapter 4 in the PDF download.

Starts like this:

// walkerForwardComplete.pde - Two servo walker. 
// Complete code with obstacle avoidance
// (c) Kimmo Karvinen & Tero Karvinen http://BotBook.com
// Updated by Joe Saavedra, 2010

Just download the book PDF and you can copy & paste the code. http://alejandroquinteros.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/arduino-bots-and-gadgets.pdf