I need help, thankyou

Hello, is there anyone that can help me in this matter: I need to know the speed of a sled gliding on the snow...!!!! Thanks in advance! Bye Emilio

excluding the GPS of course...

That's not nearly enough information to give an answer. What is the slope on which the sled is traveling?

normally the ski slopes, but could be also the soft snow, so everywhere on the mountain.

It could go at a wide range of speeds. Maybe the range 10 mph <= speed <= 30 mph is reasonable.

no, normally the speed is less than than 4-5 mph: very slowly. Normally I need to read and control that speed, sometimes faster but never up to 10-12 mph.

You know better than I do what this would be. You know what the slope is and the weight on the sled and the relative friction of the snow.

so you are saying that it's impossible to read the speed in that environment right?

No, it's possible. You can integrate an accelerometer into the device, for example, and through its input determine how fast the object is going.

GPS sensor and read distance travelled and time taken?


thanks goodinventor, do you know some example of what you are suggesting me? unfortunately I'm not an expert and I need help. many thanks

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