I Need Help Using Termite

So I got a keypad just recently and it has four keys. They're mapped to z, x, c, and v. I got termite to try and remap them to the arrow keys so it wasn't a hassle to use a key remapper. The only issue is, I don't know how to use it.

My issue is identical to the one of this person: Need help using Termite

Though they figured it out and thus the thread was closed, but never left a way to use Termite in their followup. I'm too dumb to be able to figure this out, so someone please help me out here.


Update: I figured it out and I'll just say how to for the next person who needs it.

You need to type your keys and only those in the order of the keys on your keypad. For mine, I have four keys on my thnikk keypad. My order was left, down, up, and right. I tried the separate numbers '25,24,26,27' or whatever and it actually manually made me type the number 25.

If you have the same order as me, you would do ':25' and let Termite duplicate it with green text to indicate it worked. Inputting a command doesn't require any commas or anything. Like I said, what I exactly typed was the number and then the enter button, and after the entire string you just complete it with xx and hit the close button on Termite. If you don't, it won't work.

Here's how I mapped mine. For a while I accidentally mapped it as the numbers again, when all I needed to do is use xx after a colon followed number.

Hope this helps someone else !!!

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Great that you managed to solve it and thanks for the feedback. You can tick the solution checkbox under the most useful reply ( yours :slight_smile: ) so others who might be looking for a solution know that one is provided.

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