I need help with a trouble with if()

My software is a motion sensor and when it is moved. A alarm sounds, and it send a SMS with coord. to a celphone , but when it detects motion only the alarm sounds and the SMS part is skipped and I don’t know why, sorry for my English is very bad

Software_Final_Melo.ino (2.96 KB)

It would be helpful if you would post your code.


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Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

    digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
    Serial.println("Se mueve");
      while (serialgps.available())
        int c = serialgps.read();
        if (gps.encode(c))

My guess is that the serialgps buffer does not contain a complete GPS statement. I recommend you put the gathering of the GPS coordinates OUTSIDE the sending of the SMS. That way you can have the coordinates immediately available.

Note: You should probably check that the TinyGPS library has received a valid fix (if (gps.location.isValid())) before asking it for the coordinates. You don't want to replace good coordinates with bad coordinates.