I need help with a volume control wheel

I am trying to make a volume control wheel with a arduino micro board, and have it adjust windows 10 volume. ive heard of a potentiometer, but is there anything like that that does not have a stopping point, and clicks so i can mute the volume. If anyone could help me with the software that would be great

A rotary encoder with push switch like the KY-040 sounds like what you want. An encoder library may make using one easier.

The rotary encoder KY-040 as previously linked is most commonly used. You could also get a big volume knob to operate it. In addition to that I would suggest use a NodeMCU instead of Arduino which has built in WiFi (NEW NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 CH340G ESP-12E Wireless WIFI Internet Development Board | eBay). It will make things easier to transmit to your Windows PC. You could create a small software on your Windows PC that runs in the background and listens volume "knob positions" form KY-040 and adjusts volume accordingly.

I'd wager sending data over the USB port is MUCH easier than over WiFi, but I may be missing something (don't know much about Windows other than that it tends to get in the way of what I want to do).

Technically sending data over USB is much easier but I think OP is making this volume knob thing for convenience/portability therefore that person might have suggested wireless data transfer.