I need help with Arduino software!!

Well today I downloaded Arduino software for Microsoft windows xp. i thought i downloaded it correctly ,but when i got to start the program it tells me that in the java virtual machine launcher fatal exception occurred. program will exit.I don’t understand this! i downloaded a new updated version of java ,but it still didn’t work! what should I do, I am very new at this as you can tell!!. thanks

Try using the run.bat instead of the arduino.exe.

Hi I have a similar problem. I have installed onto one machine just fine. my desktop however is showing the error message "arduino has generated errors amd will be closed by windows. I have tried the run.bat executable too. the result there is a dos window appears stating “exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: \java” all the files are stored as per the archive… any thoughts?

regards, Richy

I had problems when unzipped Arduino.exe with a different root. Then discovered that the problem was removing the root main directory (Arduino-0010-win).
If you keep this:
the programs runs.

Are your Arduino.exe directories correct?