I need help with my 48v Brushless Motor Controller Circuit

Oh yes, the ground-bounce diodes, you are right, but if you
back up the low side FET body diodes with high current schottkys
anyway that will reduce the ground bounce (especially if laid out

[ actually I’m not sure ground-bounce is the rigth term here, its the phase line that’s

You are correct, Mark. The parallel diodes across each FET using Schottkys are a good idea. The reason this is done is to cut down on switching dissipation and current spikes. Since the Vf of a Schottky is so much lower, the Schottky will take on the voltage spike and do it at a much lower voltage than the body diodes in the FET. By nature, Schottky's are fast recovery whereas the body diodes are not.

Thanks for the replies,

I have just received all of my components today and I want to use an oscilloscope to test the circuit as I go. I have been looking around for cheap oscilloscopes around 100-200$ and I came across the "SainSmart DDS120 Pro 20MHz PC Based USB Digital Storage Portable Oscilloscope". Will this be a good choice for testing out my circuit?