I need help with my first Arduino project.

Hi, I am doing my first Arduino project knowing how to do (almost) nothing. I went to Radioshack and bought some switches for my project, but I'm not sure how to connect them to an Arduino/ to wires. Here's what it looks like. This is a lot different looking than the buttons that came with the Arduino kit a bought. Help?

Those are DPDT
DP means Double Pole. So basically it's two switches sitting side by side that are independent of each other but both switched at the same time.

DT means Double throw. So you'll have 3 positions. OFF and two separate ON positions.

So if you look at the back of the switch you'll have two banks of 3 terminals. (One bank for each "pole");

The central one of the three will be the common. The common will be connected to Nothing, or one of the other two tags, dependent on the position of the switch.

So to connect this to an arduino you could simply connect one of those central tags to GND. Pick one of it's associated tags and connect it to an input pin. If you want to be able to detect the other position you could connect the third tag to another input pin.

Job done. Within your sketch you'll just include pinMode(pinNumber, INPUT_PULLUP) for any input pin you've chosen.

To find out if the switch is on or not, you'll just use if(digitalRead(pinNumber)==LOW) ...

The handy thing is that the second pole is then available to be switching power to something else, totally independant of your arduino.

The DPDT switch is typically used when you have 2 modes (A & B) that you want to control. On an RC
transmitter the Landing Gear switch is a DPDT. Position A = Gear Up, Position B = Gear Down.
Alternately, it can be used to control two devices (led-A & led-B )

Alright, thanks so much for the help!