I need help with scrolling text because i am having problem


Dear all

I am quite new to arduino
The project that i am currently into is 8 single -color LED Matrix Scrolling Text Display
but i am currently doing a project using arduino uno board and single color led matrix
is there any sample coding that i can refer to and modify ?
I had brought the materials but i have yet to start on the codding part because i am having difficulty in finding some codes for reference

There is currently bi color codes for reference but i cant find single color led matrix


Why not modify your Original Post and extend the title of your Thread to something useful such as "I need help with scrolling text"


8 single -color LED Matrix Scrolling Text Display

What does that mean?

Did you build the display or buy it? You'll need to know how to "address" the display before you can program it. If you can address any single LED to turn it on & off, you can do text. If it's wired as a matrix, you have to turn-on the particular row & column to address and LED. It's possible to have the LEDs arranged in an matrix, but wired/addressed serially.

There may be a library for converting text to a particular LED pattern representing characters, or you may have to write that code (or library) yourself. The shifting/scrolling could be built into the hardware or it could be done completely in software.

You can't write any code without knowing how the hardware works.

At 47 pages I think everything that needs to be discussed on scrolling text is in this thread

What does that mean?

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Having problems with LED matrix scrolling text display


having problems of XR-217RT infrared audio sequencer


well, anyone who has an XR-217RT or has dealt with the phase flux issues of the Retro-encabulator with it's ability to handle the inverse reactive current when used in unilateral phase detractors, well, I can tell you that those boys would be waiting in line to post on that thread !

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well, back to pondering the issue of sinusoidal depleneration.....