I need help with the serial monitor (read message)

so I’m kinda new to Arduino and I want to try out a project that basically reads the current flowing through a photoresistor and then displays it in the serial monitor.

So, I connected one end of the photoresistor to the ‘ANALOG IN (0)’ and the other end to ‘5V’. I have attached a photo of my code, and I was wondering if somebody could tell me what’s wrong. please be nice, I’m very new to this.

Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 4.37.14 PM.png

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measure current

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The Arduino analog pins measure voltage between 0 and 5v (for a 5v Arduino).

A light dependent resistor (LDR) needs to be wired with a fixed resistor to make a voltage divider and the analog pin is connected to the joint between the two resistors. Like this

5v ------------LDR -------------Fixed Resistor-----------GND
                    analog pin

A fixed resistor of the order of 100k would probably be suitable but it depends on the brightness of the light you are trying to sense.

Note that if all you need is a light/dark sensor you can use an LDR as above with a digital pin - and the analog pins can also be used as digital pins.


And even better, connect the LDR between the pin and ground and use a pull-up resistor. Using INPUT_PULLUP on that pin will substitute for an approximately 47k pull-up.