I need help

Hi all,

I have project about remote monitoring the performance of electric car in real time in Pc.

The electric car has RS232 port which I will conected with RX232 then to Arduino to get the data from electric car.

I think I will select (Arduino ADK) instead of Arduino uno with GSM shield.

I will connect android mobile with Arduino ADK.

I need help

How can I do programme in android mobile that can read the data such as the temperature of electric car, battery, speed ... etc ?

Actually, I am not good with programing.

Another important question how can I transfer that data from android mobile to pc in real time to remote monitoring the performance of electric car?


I can empathize with the picture.

You will need to have the specification for the data that comes out of the RS232 connection.

You will also need to find out if it is true RS232 working at 12v or if it is a TTL serial signal working at 5v. Obviously the Arduino could read the TTL signal directly, but if you want it to read a true RS232 signal would will need a level shifter chip to adjust it to a TTL signal. I think a Max232 chip is commonly used.

More realistically, I think you need to work through several of the Arduino examples and tutorials until you have enough experience.


I need help

I am glad to help.

a subject line that offers insight into the project will invite people to respond with meaningful suggestions.

people who never read posts that are not clear will take a look if the subject line has a description of the project.

Second, your program will equal your ability to write and modify. become proficient with programming and your answers will reveal themselves.

Why go through all that? Why not hook the car (through an RS-232 to USB converter) directly to the PC?