I need it to out put 6 volts

I am making an RC car and the motors take 6v how can i get the arduino to out put that in a way that i can reverse the polarity to reverse the wheels?? please help

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Look at motor drivers like these (choose the right one for volts and amps), where the Arduino then doesn't power the motor, it merely controls it, with the voltage coming from a more appropriate source. I use one of these, which may well suit your needs,but check the list in the first link.

I too use the DRV8833 with no problems at all. Like manor says, this powers the motors and signals from the arduino control the motors via the controller board. The drv8833 will take 6-12v easy, so a good set of 4-6 AA rechargeables are needed with about 1800mA output.

I have code for driving this and others, see my bots at:www.melsaunders.co.uk

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i can not use the DRV8833 Dual Motor Driver Carrier because i have 4 motors. would it be possible to but 6 volts into a digital pin then at the press of a button and a bit of code that the arduino will complete the circuit and send the 6v out through another pin.

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would it be possible to but 6 volts into a digital pin

Sure, as long as you don't mind that bzzzt noise of frying hardware.

You CAN use a transistor, with 6 (or 60 or 600) volts going to the collector, one of the motors connected to the emitter, and the Arduino controlling the gate.

Do you need independent control over each motor? If not, just connect two of them to one set of output pins on the motor control board.