i need more i2c speed

i using arduino uno
use i2c to control two DAC(10bit)
i need 100ksps(1s can do 100x1000 time)
i try to change "twi.h"
but about 800000L is the max
how can i do to obtain more i2c speed.
my ability to express not good. I'm sorry.

You don't have to make any changes to the twi.h file. You can set the speed in setup() immediately following the Wire.begin() statement. Add this line or just set the value of TWBR. You will need a pullup resistor value of about 1K0 to get a sufficiently fast rise time. I don't think the 328P CPU chip will go any faster with the 16MHz clock.

    //TWBR = ( ( CPU_CLOCK / I2C_SPEED ) - 16 ) / 2; // Equation for I2C bus speed
    //TWBR = 2;  // Speed will be 800,000Hz
    TWBR = 1;  // Speed will be 888,888Hz