I need programming for a job, please help

• 1x Arduino
• 1x 16x2 LCD Display
• 1x Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04
• 2x Touch switch (buttons)
• 1x buzzer
• 1x Protoboard
Operation: It will be a distance meter for car, it will have 2 buttons (cm and in).
When connecting the Arduino, the distance in cm must be reported by pressing the button in
informs the distance in inches by pressing the cm button to inform the distance
in cm. If the distance is> 100cm does not mute the buzzer if it is between 100cm and
60cm whistles slowly, between 60cm and 45cm in average shape and 45cm to 4cm in

Please help me, it's for an important job.

When do we have to hand in our assignment?

What is the budget?

Job or assignment ?

Paypal me 500$ and I'll do it. If it's for getting a job 500$ should not be a big deal...

If it's for a school assignment. You should have paid attention in class. If you had you would be able to do it.

Start with the LCD and find a basic “hello world” example and get that working.
You’ll then see what arduino pins you have left for the rest of the devices.
Find an example of an HC-SR04 sensor sketch and print the results out in centimeters (distance) first to the serial console and later to the lcd.
Then get your 2 switches working. Read them in the loop with digitalRead() and set/unset a status variable called say unitsMetric. Test unitsMetric in your code. If it is false, divide the distance by 2.54 to convert to inches.
Then start experimenting with the buzzer and the tone() function to get the desired distance dependent alarm sound.

Usually, it is better to use the LCD with an I2C backpack because it uses less pins and has a contrast potentiometer (which is missing from your components list and is necessary). But, I guess this is a school project so you don’t have the flexibility to change the exercise.

500$ and I'll do it. If it's for getting a job 500$ should not be a big deal..

If it’s as easy as you suggest, 10 hours @ $50 is max/typical, but if you left something out of the requirements - no matter how small - the budget could rise rapidly with back & forth, and rework.
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$50/hour for any engineering service in the US is a very low price. Jump on it if someone offers.