i need so much help... its my graduation project and i am lost without help :(

i am a final year student .. and my graduation project is an ardunio uno with a gsm module that will control object through text msg's is there a chance you can tell me which gsm is sutitable for me i am willing to buy it online or even from you store.. but it must work with ardunio uno and is SIMCom SIM900 good and suitable.. thanks

if you want to contact me for any adivce ,.please do moonzcs@gmail.com thanks..

At the risk of sounding rude it only took me five minutes to find the Quad-band GPRS/GSM Shield for Arduino http://www.open-electronics.org/arduino-gsm-shield/ for about $75 USD. It meets every spec you listed. And that was only one supplier. Google the terms above for a huge list of dealers.

As a note, if you are going to be doing these kinds of electronics projects it really helps if you bookmark and keep a list of suppliers. You can ask around here for people's favorites and then you can review them to see if you like them. Sometimes I even bookmark interesting things that I won't ever use.

You might your appeal for help attracts more helpful replies if you use the title to explain the problem, rather than to explain how desperate you are to get it resolved.

Moon -

It looks like you need to define your project before you ask for help. This is YOUR project, and I would thinkl that the purpose of the project is to apply the stuff you were supposed to have learned while in school. You have access to the internet, so go online and do some searching for devices that will do what you want to do. Aquire some datasheets and study them to learn how the divice works and then figure out what you need to talk to the device.

But as I said - this is your project, it is your grade, and it is supposed to be your work. Many of us here have already been to college and done our projects (and messed up some of those projects...) and part of your learning experience is to got through the same process so that you can graduate and be of some value to some future employer. Many here would be glad to advise, but no-one here is interested in holding your hand now that you are working on a senior project.

You will probably think I am rude and unkind, but I have 3 kids of my own and I have had to d the same thing for them. There comes a time when you a=have to grow up and take responsibility for your own life and no longer expect others to carry you along. Do your research, and you can probably answer many of these questions yourself. Then the project will be YOUR PROJECT and will teach youmany things that youwill need to survive outside the University. Right now the problem is that you have not done much to develop this project. Develop the project and when you need some help on a specific obstacle ask for help. But don't ask us to design and program your project. We have our Grades/Jobs and we don't get anything for doing the work for you to get a grade.