I'm trying to build a Midi controller for a project, but I am having some issues with the programming side of things. I am a very new programmer (I pretty much know nothing at all) so I need some serious help. I'm trying to have all 13 digital inputs have buttons connected to them to use as Midi triggers. I'm using Midi-OX and Serial - MIDI converter. My midi program is FL but I don't think that really matters. Please someone help me out.

What is your problem ?

If you do not supply more details (and code) it is very difficult to help you, or people might think that you want them to write your entire program which will probably not lead to much either.

What do I do? I have the circuit built but do you know of a program that has already been made that I can reference. If not can you write it for me, just kidding, unless you want to do it.

Break your project up in smal managable problems.

  1. read one switch
  2. send one MIDI message
  3. read many switches
  4. send MIDI message pr. switch.

For reading switches just see the playground, it's pretty easy.

For sending MIDI, well same same :slight_smile: There are LOTS of code samples for sending MIDI, in the playground or just Google.